Barakat Bowl


Barakat ‘blessing’ bowl.

Hand turned bowl with organic shapes edges for snacks.

Size: 100mm diameter bowl.

Book/Tablet Holder


Book-Tablet holder or plate stand and picture display.

Can be used with tablet during functions.

Flat packable.

Comes with instructions for 2 sizes, wider & smaller assembly. 

A very useful, stable product and a great gift for a man.

Size: 270 x 160mm.

Cake Stand


Cake Stand very stable and grand, can hold large glass cloche.

 Top width: 320mm, height: 180mm.

Cheese Stand


Hand turned cake or cheese stand.

For serving grapes, cheese & biscuits

Top width: 320mm, height: 140mm.

Dip Set


Dip, Salt and Pepper set.

2 white ceramic bowls in a wooden base with chamfered edges

For oils, Salt and pepper or for Sushi

Size: 70 x 195mm.

Door Wedge


Wedge of wood with leather thong For slamming doors and rattling windows.



Egg holder to hold 6 eggs.

Holder can be stored in fridge just oil or wax regularly. 

Size: 120mm x 200mm. 

Expandable Easel


Easel or picture display. 

Flat packable.

Comes with instructions for 2 sizes, wider & smaller 

Size: 170 x 100mm

Heart Plate


Heart shaped plate for cupcakes, to serve biscuits, bread plate on your table for special occasions or jewellery holder for next to your bed.

Size: 130mm

Izi Bowl


Fruit or display bowl for your home. 

Hand turned bowl with soft organic edges. 

Size: 300mm diameter x 80mm high.  

Kanji Pot with lid


Round wooden pot with silkstone lid, Japanese inspired design using graph line Japanese characters.

For herbs, salt, spices, or serving a small starter. Enquire which colour lids are in stock.

Use in bathroom or home.

Size: 85mm x 40mm diameter

Lilypad Plate


Lilypad small side plate.

Hand-shaped like a lily pad.

Starter plate, base plate for bowl or side asian salad.

Size: 130 x 180mm.

Mini Salt Pod


A hand turned pod shape, with a hollow to hold flaked salt/pepper or condiments.

Coco Pod Size: 140mm or Mini pod 110mm. 

With complimentary salt spoon. 

Organic Plate


Organic side plate.

Side plate for bread starter with patés or tempura prawns.

Size: 140 x 270mm.

Pen Drawer


Drawer for your desk/kitchen or artroom.

Flat top, stackable.

Perfect gift for a man.

Size: 145mm x 300mm x 60mm high

Quoit Bowl


Quoit bowl is an uncomplicated raised bowl that can be used as a different way to serve starters snacks or salad. 

It is a solid piece of wood. 

Size 180mm diameter 45mm high.  

Salt and pepper pots


Wooden containers with ‘P’ and ‘S’ laser engraved on the lids.

For flaked salt and ground pepper on your table setting.

Size: 40mm x 45mm diameter

In packaging.

Salt Pod


A hand turned pod shape, with a hollow to hold flaked salt/pepper or condiments.

Coco Pod Size: 140mm or Mini pod 110mm.

Presented in packaging with small wooden spoon inside the top of the box.

Shio Bowl


Shio which means salt in Japanese.

Hand turned salt bowl with organic edges.

Perfect for the table and next to your stove

Size: 90mm diameter.

Soap Dish


Wooden soap dish with grooves for the soap. 

Perfect for Guest houses. 

Tooth Mouse Pot


Toothmouse pot with lid for little teeth.

Wooden container with lid with mouse engraved on the lid and the words ‘for the toothmouse’ (or request ‘vir die tandmuis’ or any language to be lasered on the side – no extra charge)

Size: 40mm x 45mm diameter

Out Of Stock

Wine & Dine Picnic Board


Picnic-Function style board with hole to hang a wine glass, using the rest of the board for tapas and snacks – great to walk around at functions or picnics.

Size: 290 x 120mm

Wood Wax 400ml


400ml tin of Wood treatment wax, totally food safe.

Linseed oil (from Flaxseeds), Carnauba wax used to coat sweets & essential oil of oranges.

Wood Wax 48ml


48ml tin of wood treatment wax, totally food safe.

Linseed oil (from flaxseeds), carnauba wax used to coat sweets and essential oil of oranges.